Ukrainian fairy-tale heroes from books come to life in the form of fashionable Barbie and Ken dolls. Visitors of the exhibition will see the fairy-tale world of Ukrainian culture, learn facts they did not know about Ukrainian fairy-tales.

More than 10 fairy-tale heroes will be presented at the exhibition. Each look is complete with a stand, entourage elements, an explanatory note in Ukrainian and English, and a book illustration

Composition of the exhibition:

  1.  Mavka and Lukash
  2.  Crooked duck
  3.  Mr. Kotskyi
  4.  Ivasyk Telesyk
  5.  Dereza’s goat
  6.  The girl is seven years old
  7.  Kotygoroshko
  8.  Kyrylo Kozhumyak
  9. The night before Christmas
  10.  Vij
  11.  Mare’s head

Järjestäjä: Maryna Sokolenko