Tt-kameroiden jäsenistön valokuvanäyttelyn taiteilijoina toimii Tampereen teekkarikamerat jäsenistön valokuvaajia.

Näyttely koostuu kolmen portugalilaisen arkkitehdin António Menéresin, Pedro Borges de Araújon ja Sérgio Amorimin valokuvista ja piirroksista.


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Photographs and drawings by three architects: António Menéres, Pedro Borges de Araújo and Sérgio Amorim. 

”Carved on the flesh, the stuff of reality, experience is lived through diverse modes of representation.

Remembering leads us to what we call memories: the virtual realities of past actions and events. At every moment we are forced to build memories, check the present, and decide the future.

Drawings, always, and photographs, in a technologically more recent way, are two methods of
documenting – for each of us, the necessary attachment to an external medium – these experiences and what we expect from them.

As architects, we use these documents as much as we simultaneously produce them. We thus build the possibility of shared and shareable memories.

This inseparable process builds the architects’ profile from what they do and from their doing(s) – be it the built environment, the surroundings that they build, or the means they use to imagine them.

It is the latter that forms the subject matter of the present exhibition. And in each of them is made manifest the memory that each one builds.

To produce artefacts associated with people and events – life processes for short –is the architect’s task. It is all about memorabilia!

The starting point of the exhibition is also a generational commitment.

Sketched photographs, photographs as architectural sketches drawn to traverse the boundaries of technique and art – both the aim and hallmark of architects – challenge their proper objects and agency: sketching the future. ”


Järjestäjä: António Menéres, Pedro Borges de Araújo and Sérgio Amorim.